The Workshop - Where Orient and Occident meet.


You may have seen many chairs and tables, but the most important thing for us to consider was all the ergonomic points for the comfort of the chairs and the design of the tables.


Each of our designs has its own identity, different from the other, and with its own story to tell. We have not just designed chairs or tables, we have given them life so they could talk to you.


We are an international team with mixed experiences, references, and cultures. With over 7 years experience in furniture manufacture, we have learned to combine different materials, mostly using walnut, oak, marble, ceramic, steel, stainless steel and other valuable materials.


Our first catalogue is dedicated to Dining Chairs (Modern and classical) and Tables. This catalogue represents the beginning of a new project, the meeting of Europe and Asia, combining two cultures, delivering the best of both worlds.


Quality and Service are nothing without design.



The Workshop Team